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  • The Women

    By Nickishel
  • Breathtaking… and heart wrenching…

    By luvcats13
    This book was nearly impossible to put down, telling a story all us Americans need to hear and to feel, deep down in our bones. Some of the most gut wrenching memories of my childhood are of my father watching the evening news every night and every night seeing a count of how many American military were killed in Vietnam each day. For a ten year old child, the numbers were hard to understand, harder to put into context. Each year, I watched my father, a proud Navy man, active duty in the Korean “conflict” and current Naval Reservist, become more and more tight lipped about what was happened in Vietnam. He had been vociferous in his disgust at those protesting the war, called those who burned their draft cards - treasonous, but obviously very uncomfortable, distraught even, when the US government and President Nixon began to tell the truth - the US was gonna pull out of Vietnam without a victory. Though they wouldn’t admit it was actually lost and definitely wouldn’t admit to it being wrong to begin with and certainly vehemently denied the lies we now know they told to prevent whole scale opposition to the war by the majority of the American people. This book not only reminded me of that and expanded my understanding of those years, after all I was a young child witnessing something I couldn’t understand, but brought new knowledge emphasizing women’s contributions to saving many Americans only to come home to the same disgust the returning men faced but also denial that they were even “real” veterans. Excellent and compelling writing, but definitely not a “light” beach read!
  • Bygone years.

    By Trying Hard 123
    A book for women who came to maturity in the late 60’s and early 70’s with the repressive attitudes toward women in those years. A real page-turner.
  • The Women

    By Carrioki
    This was a well written and insightful book.
  • The women, Kristin Hannah

    By Andreea 77
    So vivid and telling of the women who served in Vietnam. Moving
  • excellent read! I recommend it highly.

    By Gma Jo
    I was a teen and then a young wife and mother during this time in the story. This book is so real and includes many situations and emotions of that time. The characters are so real and the underlying friendship of the three nurses throughout the story tied together all of the plots and history of the women and the men who were critical in their lives during the war and after.
  • How do I put into words

    By Acelisa
    This book shook me in so many ways and touched my heart. Simply an incredible book.
  • Women

    By Mollie with a M
  • Five stars

    By tarabk5
    It’s a tear jerker, beautifully told, a story of endurance. Patriotism and courage and healing.
  • Be strong

    By bean ounter
    Kristen’s characters become a part of you and Frankie’s pain, the pains of war, I became a part of me. I kept hoping for peace for her and all the heroes of Vietnam and still do. I had to be strong to keep reading and I wept many times. I owed it to those who served as we all do, especially before an election, it is our responsibility to understand war and what it is. I speak as a mother of a sailor. I pray my son never experiences these atrocities.